Online German classes for people who enjoy language, culture and creative content


klub d is an online German language school run by two enthusiastic native speaker university lecturers with linguistic expertise and many years of teaching experience. We offer live online courses with an emphasis on using authentic material that focuses on cultural and social issues.

We take an interactive approach to teaching, encouraging student participation to maximize the development of all four language learning skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with special weight on conversational German.

We offer live online classes

German Grammar Courses
1-week or 5-week course at Beginners level: £150
5-week course, Wed, 9 Nov – Wed, 7 Dec, 4-5.30pm: fully booked

1-week or 5 course at Advanced Beginners level: £150
5-week course, Wed, 9 Nov – Wed, 7 Dec, 6-7.30pm: fully booked

German Conversation Courses
6-week course at Beginners level: £150
Tue, 1 Nov – Tue, 6 Dec, 10.00-11.30am: fully booked

6-week course at Intermediate level: £150
Wed, 2 Nov – Wed, 7 Dec, 6.30-8pm: fully booked

German Book Club
6-week course at Intermediate level: £120
Thu, 3 Nov – Thu, 8 Dec, 4-5.30pm: fully booked

German Intensive Course
12-week course Complete Beginners: £360
Mo, 19 Sept – Mo 5 Dec 2022, 6.30-8pm: fully booked

German Standard Courses
12-week course Advanced Beginners: £280
Wed, 21 Sept – Wed, 7 Dec 2022, 9.30-11am: fully booked

12-week course Lower Intermediate: £280
Wed, 21 Sept – Wed, 7 Dec 2022, 2.30-4pm: fully booked

We have experience in teaching German for many specific purposes and on-site training is also available. Please get in touch! We would love to discuss your requirements and present our ideas!

How it works

Online classes run on Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link upon booking the course.
Class activities focus on communication and task-based exercises
Maximum class size is 8 students. Please get in touch, if the course is fully booked and you would like to be added to a waiting list.
Course materials are included in the course fee, only the respective novel for the Book Club needs to be purchased separately.

Who we are

Britta Giersche
German language coach, educational writer & co-founder of klub d

I have supported hundreds of students on their language learning journey and have gone through many amazing and some complicated situations when teaching German. I have learned to make my classes fun and engaging and to put the learner at the heart of what I do. Use my experience and enthusiasm to bring your German language studies forward. more…

It was my favourite module this entire academic year! I love Britta! (…) I feel like Ich bin ein Berliner now!

Teaching Evaluation Report,
King’s College London

Silvia Fischer
German language coach, writing therapist & co-founder of klub d

After more than 22 years as a language coach and university lecturer, I am more than ever enthusiastic about teaching German. I love the challenge of developing learning strategies together with my students that not only effectively support their learning process, but also make learning German fun. more …

An excellent, informative and fun educator, catering to the varied learning styles of students.“

Award for vital contributions to the College, Imperial College London
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